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Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain – Is it Safe?

A current study published in Spine set out to determine the relationship between benign adverse events (reactions to treatment) and outcomes (neck pain and disability, perceived improvement) in a group of people who received chiropractic care for their neck pain.

529 patients participated in the study. 56% of the participants reported an adverse event during the first 3 treatments, and only 13% graded it as “intense”. Muscle or joint pain events were the most common types reported, and none of the events were considered serious.

The researchers found that if someone reported an “intense” adverse event during any one of the first 3 visits, they were less likely to report recovery on the fourth visit. What is interesting about this is that they didn’t have significantly more neck pain or disability than those who didn’t experience an adverse event.

At a follow-up 3 months later, those who had “intense” adverse events experienced the same recovery and pain reduction as those who didn’t have any adverse events.

The bottom line here is that even if someone reports an adverse event or reaction after treatment, it did not negatively affect their outcomes or recovery at 3 months. Moreover, it was only those who had an “intense” adverse events that reported less recovery in the short term (13% of participants).

It is also important to note that out of 4,891 treatments, no serious adverse events occurred. This adds validity to the current view that “the benefits of chiropractic care for neck pain seem to outweigh the potential risks.”

Dr. Debbie Wright is a practicing Comox Valley Chiropractor.

Vitamin Water? No Thanks.

Thanks to Dr. Kinsler for reminding me that I haven’t yet ranted about this inane product.

About 6 months ago a sales rep came around to our office and dropped off 2 massive cases of a brand of vitamin water. We usually carry some bottles of water for patients since we don’t have room for a water cooler in our waiting room (some people will actually look at us with scorn if we offer them tap water, even though Vancouver tap water continually beats bottled water on testing). We figured we’d hit the jackpot and didn’t have to shop for a while.

Then I read the label. The amount of sugar is staggering, and even though it makes reference to fruit juice in the name of the product, there is nothing of the sort inside. What ever happened to getting your vitamins in your food? What ever happened to being happy with simple water to drink?

This is just another example of misleading marketing to latch onto the health and wellness craze. You can read Rochester Chiro’s blog post to find out more about the class action lawsuit that is currently being filed against one brand of this product. Just goes to show you when it comes to health, don’t believe everything you read (especially if its advertising!).

Dr. Debbie Wright is a practicing Comox Valley Chiropractor.