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May 2008

Stop Smoking Now!

I’m sure by now everyone knows of the harmful effects of smoking. Besides the well known side-effects, most people don’t know that smoking increases your risk of back and neck pain due to the toxic effect of nicotine (and other toxins) on your discs, nerves and spine.

Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. For many smokers, quitting smoking can seem almost impossible. Regardless if you smoke three packs a day for 40 years or if you smoke one pack a day for 10 years, Rachel Shoniker’s Stop Smoking Detox Program can help you successfully quit. This program tackles the physical and psychological aspects, while enabling the body to cleanse of nicotine and harmful chemicals.

Rachel’s centre, Revitalize Now!, offers a comprehensive program consisting of:

Laser Therapy

They combine low-level laser technology with the ancient practice of acupuncture to successfully help you quit smoking. By stimulating acupuncture points on the ears, hands and legs with a low-level laser and bio-electrical stimulation, they trigger the release of endorphins – the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Instead of feeling irritable and anxious, laser therapy allows you to calmly adjust to your new lifestyle as a non-smoker.


  • Alleviates withdrawal symptoms
  • Reduces stress
  • May help to reduce craving

Guided Imagery

When trying to quit smoking, many people start with positive intentions but they are unable to maintain them. Guided imagery is an excellent complement to laser therapy. Revitalize Now! uses a powerful CD that was developed by a psychotherapist who is widely recognized as a leader in the field of guided imagery.


  • Reinforces your resolve to remain smoke-free
  • Reduces psychological cravings for nicotine
  • Completely relaxes you


After years of inhaling thousands of toxins, detoxifying your body is imperative.

It’s been estimated that there are more than 4,000 chemicals found in cigarette smoke, including: benzene (found in gasoline and pesticides); formaldehyde (used for embalming dead bodies); acetone (ingredient in nail polisher remover); ammonia (makes nicotine readily absorbed); and benzopyrene (a tar that causes cancer). Cleansing your body is imperative in order to revitalize your health.

Their detox program consists of high-quality supplements and infrared sauna therapy to help you rid your body of harmful toxins.

To learn more about how Revitalize Now! can help you finally quit, check out for more information or to book your free initial consultation with Rachel.

The Curse of the Headache

I am one of those lucky few who rarely get headaches. So whenever I do fall victim to the random head pain, I don’t do a very good job dealing with it.

It both surprises and saddens me that people who get chronic headaches learn to live each and every day with the pain. I am in awe of these people, as I can barely carry on a conversation or concentrate on the simplest task with my head pounding.

As a Comox Valley Chiropractor, I meet people constantly who have had headaches for months and even years. They’ve been to the family doctor and the neurologist, they’ve had the CT scan or the MRI and they’ve finally settled on a daily regimen of some strong pain killer. They often end up in my office as a last resort, because they have nothing else to lose, and nobody has been able to identify the cause of their pain.

The fact is that a large proportion of headaches have at least some component originating from the structures in the neck. Simply put, the nerves, muscles, joints and ligaments of your neck can become irritated or inflamed and result in you feeling the pain in your head.  This irritation can result from injuries such as whiplash and sports trauma, or from more everyday stresses such as prolonged computer work.

A hallmark of these types of headaches (commonly confused with tension headaches) is that you will notice a decrease in your neck range of motion, often with pain at the end ranges of the movement. You will have very sore neck muscles, especially those located at the top of your neck under your skull. Often times these muscles, when massaged deeply, will reproduce your headache pain.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to suffer needlessly. If you haven’t found a solution to your ongoing headache problem, then a visit to your local chiropractor should be on your list of possible therapies.

Boot Camp Benefits

As a former resident of Kitsilano, there were certain things that I felt morally obligated to stay away from. I don’t own one piece of Lululemon gear. I don’t own a miniature dog and if I did, I certainly wouldn’t dress him up. I don’t have any kids, and so I don’t own one of those massive strollers that part the seas while being pushed down 4th avenue.

And so it was with extreme reluctance that I agreed to try out a bootcamp class run by a friend of mine. How Leigh managed to drag me out at 7 am on a November morning, I’ll never know. Since that first week, I’ve been hooked.

Leigh’s bootcamp classes combine cardio exercise, strength training and circuit training in order to give you the overall workout that the gym just never seems to attain. The main reason for this is that you are motivated (or forced?) to do all those exercises you would never do on your own in appropriate numbers – squats, lunges, burpees and pushups.

The one thing I reinforce with all of my patients is the importance of regular exercise. It is that one magic pill that will help with everything – back pain, neck pain, arthritis, weight loss etc. etc. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find types of exercise that are both convenient, effective and fun.

So if you’re looking for a great exercise plan that is easy to do, with an instructor that is both motivating and not even the least annoying, I would highly recommend Leigh ( and her Kerrisdale bootcamp. This Comox Valley Chiropractor gives her the thumbs up, and still loves seeing her face in the morning after 6 months!